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Tow Trucks And HotRods

I have somewhat of a philosophical thought to share today. You know when someone says stuff like you can’t have darkness without light or joy without suffering? I like to add my own twist to these maxims by saying “You can’t have hotrods without tow trucks.”

After I explain why I say this, it might become your favorite maxim too, especially if you love trucks and nice cars as much as me.

What is a hotrod?

A hotrod is a car you want everyone to see you in, not only because it’s beautiful to look at but because it means you know something about cars, which the ladies like. A hotrod is more than just a pretty showcase vehicle, because most of the value is under the hood as a hotrod can’t be a hotrod if it isn’t really, really fast. They’ve been modified beyond their origins to be more powerful.

What is a tow truck?

A tow truck might be the last vehicle you want anyone to see you in, especially if you’re a passenger and your real car is hooked on the back of it. But even professional tow truck drivers would prefer to drive a hotrod, or at least most of them. Other’s love trucks so much more than cars that they’d rather be in a tow truck anyways. A tow truck is a commercial vehicle that provides towing services, typically for their local communities. For example you can order a tow truck Scarborough service and get your car towed from one point in Ontario to another.

Why can’t hotrods exist without tow trucks?

Just like how light can’t exist without darkness because we’d have nothing to compare light to if darkness didn’t exist, a hotrod wouldn’t be anything special if everyone was driving one. But that’s not my full point. In reality, hotrods can’t exist without the whole towing industry also existing because, generally speaking, those who love driving hotrods need tow truck services more often than people who drive family sedans.

Imagine if NASCAR had to operate without tow trucks on the premises. It wouldn’t work, would it? Because once a car crashes it needs a tow truck to remove the wreckage. Hotrods are really fast, and create more accidents than enthusiasts like to admit. And that’s why tow trucks also couldn’t exist if no one was speeding and got into accidents. All they’d be doing is flat tire repair if that was the case, for collision towing is just as in demand as breakdown towing thanks to people who speed in hotrods.

So I hope this had made sense enough for you to see what I’m talking about here. Sure, a fiction writer may be able to hypothesize about a world where hotrods can exist without tow trucks, but it wouldn’t be our world. The two rely on each other like night and day.