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is eating while driving safe?

Everywhere in the world probably has different laws and by-laws for eating while driving, if there are any laws at all. Let that be a disclaimer that I’m not actually sure if it’s legal in Canada or the US. But I know cellphone use while driving is illegal in many places across North America so to answer the question “Is it safe to eat and drive at the same time?” I’ll be comparing eating to cellphone use.

Many who think the laws against driving while using the phone argue that they have wireless speakers and microphones to answer calls with a button on their steering wheel, so despite the law they answer phone calls on the road. I’ve recently been in a car with someone who did this and it was noticeable how distracted he was from his conversation. When he should be looking out for people crossing the street he’s answering complex business questions.

Now compare this to eating. In a way, since you need at least one hand to eat, and you may be spilling things on your lap and looking down to make sure your your grabbing the right food from your container, eating while driving is even more dangerous then using the phone. This should make logical sense to everyone who reads it.

Once again I’ll repeat that eating while driving is more dangerous than talking on the phone because phones can be wireless but you need a hand and more attention to eat

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!