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Keep a Book in the Car!

Every once in a while we’ll be a sharing a driving related rant on our blog. This is the first one. This post could easily be about why people should read more often but I’ll wind it down to this: at least keep a darn book in the glove box so you have something productive to do while you’re waiting at the car wash or picking up a friend.

Too many times I see people in their fancy cars social signaling that their super smart and successful meanwhile they’re probably actually in loads of debt and I can tell this because when they’re waiting in their car they’re either just listening to music or scrolling on their phones. Sure, some of these people may be reading on their phones and learning but I know most of them aren’t.

Really smart and successful people use their time wisely and know that social signaling is a waste of effort and money. This is why the world’s richest people often dress like simpletons. Einstein wore the same clothes everyday so he didn’t waste precious brain power in the morning deciding what to wear.

So with all that said, please choose a good book and throw it in your glove box because it’ll come in handy!