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Driving Across Vancouver Island, BC For Sport (My Story)

Last weekend was one the best weekends of all time. I had the pleasure of driving across Vancouver Island for sport with a dear friend from Victoria BC and we had an absolute blast. Just so I didn’t care if I dented my car I brought over my old Honda Accord 2001 and I’m glad I did because later in this post I’ll be describing a small accident I got into.

But let me start from the beginning. I gave that spoiler just to hook you, but just to be nice I’ll bold the part in this story when I crashed if you want to skip to the exciting part. We began our journey on the Saturday morning of July 3rd, 2021, and reached Tofino later than evening, apparently in record time according to my friend despite our hiccup. First of all, we couldn’t have chosen a better place for a cruise. The nature on Vancouver Island is unbelievably beautiful, which all of British Columbia is for that matter.

When we were just leaving Greater Victoria on the highway, we decided to take a longer route down some backroads. Eventually, after wending down tiny twisty roads we reached an area where there was no paving. Our tires were rumbling on gravel and dirt as, seeing no speed limit signs, we pressed on the gas and had a little fun out in the middle of nowhere.

This is when, coming around a sharp turn, I crashed into a tree which had fallen on the road. The crash itself wasn’t that bad–only got a medium sized dent on my front bumper with no injuries–but there was no way for us to continue down this road because the tree was in the way. I had only been going about 45 KM per hour, which wasn’t breaking any laws (I think) but was still too fast for such a bendy route, and my bumper was also up on top of the tree which caused my car to get stuck there.

We thought of calling a tow truck to get my Honda Accord 2001 unstuck but then realized that still wouldn’t solve the problem of getting past the fallen tree. So we decided to kill two birds with one stone and call a tree service Victoria company to come and remove the tree. Thinking of it now we probably could have called the city district to come and do it for no cost to us but that would’ve taken too long. And, besides, we weren’t sure if we’d get in trouble or not if emergency services got involved.

The tree service guy came quickly enough, knowing the dire state we were in. It’s funny that while waiting there on the dirt road for about 25 minutes no other cars came by, thank goodness. But one guy walking his dog made a funny remark that kind of irked me. Anyway, the tree service guy put a chain around the tree and pulled it off to the side of the road where he could dispose of it with his chipper, freeing my car with the same stroke, but causing slightly more damage to the bottom of my bumper. Of course, I gave him permission to do this first

Next thing I knew we were driving again, although much more carefully this time. And despite this hiccup, like I said, we still reached Tofino in good time. Once in Tofino, after seeing the gorgeous scenery of Vancouver Island, we spent the day beach hopping before finally settling with a hotel instead of camping.

If you love pleasure cruises and have never done this trip before, I highly recommend it. Just make sure you’re going no more than 30 KM per hour around bendy dirt roads to avoid my mistake. Despite that it was still one of the best pleasure cruises I ever experienced. I won’t be forgetting it for a long time.