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3 Reasons WHy You Might Want a Fridge Installed in Your Truck

Here at Envol-2001 it’s our passion to talk about everything transportation. Today we’re wondering: are you thinking about installing a fridge in your truck or other vehicle?

Keep in mind that this post is supposed to be humorous as well as educational as we explain 3 reasons why you might want to install a fridge in your vehicle.

Reason #1: So you can brag to your friends about it.

The first and maybe the most important reason why you might want a refrigerator in your truck is so that your friends will get jealous and ask how you did it. After all, it’s cool to be a trend-setter. Imagine it. All the boys are gathering around for the hockey game and one of them says, “Wait, we’re out of beer!” All you have to do is reply, “No worries, mates, I’ll just go to the fridge in my truck and grab some.” Suddenly you’re an effing hero! You’re the coolest man in the room and the first to get high-fived every time your team gets the puck in the net. So worth it, IMO.

Reason #2: So your bologna sandwiches stay crispy fresh, son.

This is a true anecdote to help things explain. My cousin is a nutter for bologna sandwiches. It’s like, oh damn, such a problem sometimes. One Thanksgiving in Victoria BC she brought so much bologna that the grandma’s fridge broke and we had to call (778) 401-5881 to contact The Appliance Repair Pro, it was that bad. It was so bad in fact that she didn’t apologize, and gave the appliance repair guy a bonus bologna sandwich for his troubles. But in the time that the fridge was broken, all that bologna was getting warm and it caused a lot of stress in the house. My cousin filled the bathtub with cold water and stuck all the bologna in it until the fridge was fixed. Now imagine how different this situation would’ve been if only I had a darn fridge in my truck. I could’ve been like, “Hey, cuz. Stop stressin’. Just put the darn bologna in my truck-fridge.” Problem solved!

Reason #3: So you can take pictures of it and upload them onto Instagram with a hundred hashtags.

Jeff Foxworthy would be proud, more and more so depending on what you had in the truck-fridge as you take a thousand photos of it and drip them onto Instagram with a careful marketing campaign. Oh yeah, you might even put a #jefffoxworthy hashtag in there and catch his attention to be featured on the next special. Whatever your intentions, at least you’ll waste a lot of people’s time as you share the photos on people’s profiles and chat messages. “Hey,” you’ll say, “check this out.” They’ll click on your message and see all your bologna sandwiches stacked in the fridge before they take a step back and realize, wait, that darn fridge is inside a truck! Whoa!

If these three reasons aren’t enough to convince anyone to install a fridge in their truck then I don’t know what is…

Thanks for reading!

Are You a Van Man? Wait, What Is a Van Man?

The other day someone called me a van man. I know right! What is a van man? I tried to Google the definition, with no luck…

So, in case anyone else out there is wondering what a van man is or if you might be one, I will write this out as clearly as I can.

Definition of “van man”: Someone who prefers driving vans over other vehicles for whatever reason. LOL!

Call it an insult if you wish (I’m very insulted because I like big trucks and hotrods) but van men and van women really do exist. Some of them have families and need the extra seating. Others work in trades or do certain jobs where a van is more ideal to drive than a car or a truck. Vans are useful because you can keep all your tools locked up and sleep in them like a hippie.

But, this is where the term gets derogatory. A van man in the real sense literally prefers vans not because of function but because of taste and style. It’s true that some people just think vans look better and would drive one no matter if its more effective or not. LOL!

So, knowing this, are you a van man?

Welcome to the Everything Transportation Blog

We’re to bring you all kings of content related to the transportation sector. Recently our primary author moved to Ontario, Canada, where he’ll be writing about everything from airplane sanitation and the rise of electric cars to skateboarding fashion and the towing business.

Today we just want to welcome you as many new things are in the horizon!