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Are You a Van Man? Wait, What Is a Van Man?

The other day someone called me a van man. I know right! What is a van man? I tried to Google the definition, with no luck…

So, in case anyone else out there is wondering what a van man is or if you might be one, I will write this out as clearly as I can.

Definition of “van man”: Someone who prefers driving vans over other vehicles for whatever reason. LOL!

Call it an insult if you wish (I’m very insulted because I like big trucks and hotrods) but van men and van women really do exist. Some of them have families and need the extra seating. Others work in trades or do certain jobs where a van is more ideal to drive than a car or a truck. Vans are useful because you can keep all your tools locked up and sleep in them like a hippie.

But, this is where the term gets derogatory. A van man in the real sense literally prefers vans not because of function but because of taste and style. It’s true that some people just think vans look better and would drive one no matter if its more effective or not. LOL!

So, knowing this, are you a van man?